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AIS is short for Automated Inventory Solutions, a specialist in supply chain logistics. They are a division of AMS, one of the world’s leading vending machine manufacturers located in Kearneysville, West Virginia. We like that they are a locally owned and managed company that provides fast and personal service to our customers.


AIS Vending

The Keeper Care System (KCS) is a software package which, using a Microsoft SQL server, maintains a communication system between you and an automated inventory of supplies and tools. KCS gives you a clear and more detailed, up-to-the-minute awareness of your costs. This greater cost awareness assists you with precise planning resulting in greater cost savings.

As your organization’s tool usage is tracked and recorded, you are managing all that data to improve over all cost-efficiency. You can review automatically generated reports on inventory levels, make point-of-use comparisons, study rates of operation, and retrieve any specific information you need. Using Crystal Reports, the standard in information reporting, you can export your data to other applications within or outside your company.

KCS includes automatic downloads which ensure accurate inventory reporting by the use of live data. The Keeper Care System allows the most efficient planning and purchasing so you don’t have to tie up capital with excess inventory. It’s a continuously-working time and motion study ensuring your greatest cost-efficiency with a minimum use of human resources.

The Keeper Care System (KCS) can generate reports which allow you to view your organization’s operation from virtually any perspective. Reports on usage by employee, by department, and by machine as well as the Low-Bin Inventory report can be disseminated based on the requirements of various management functions. The Plant Manager can see how much of a given commodity is used by each employee or how much one section uses compared to another section. As further example, the Purchasing Manager could get the Low-Bin Inventory Report. KCS helps decrease inventory losses, overstocking, and machine down time. Its point of use location saves money by also reducing employee downtime.


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Comment by Mark Hauberg on February 6, 2011 at 11:33pm
Doug - Your website looks great and your product pages are awesome with all of the valuble information that they contain. Thanks for our products that you include. Mark
Comment by Greg Mason on February 3, 2011 at 3:02pm

This looks very nice. Good job.



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