ISCAR is a producer of unique and innovative cutting tools for metalworking, including turning, grooving, milling, hole making, boring and threading tools. The company was founded in 1952 in a wooden garage behind the home of Stef Wertheimer. After several years of steady expansion, the company headquarters moved to its current site in the Tefen Industrial Zone, situated in Israel's Western Galilee.


ISCAR has expanded from a single marketing and manufacturing facility in Israel to a multinational company with representation in over 50 countries. The innovation that has made the company one of the fastest growing in the industry stems from the creative thinking of ISCAR's employees. Throughout ISCAR, hard-working individuals apply themselves to the creation of efficient, practical and economical solutions for clients all over the world.


In May of 2006 the Berkshire Hathaway company purchased 80% of the IMC group, of which ISCAR is the largest company.




● Groove-Turn Applications 

● Parting Applications 

● Face Grooving and Turning HELIFACE



ISCAR today offers complete solutions for hole making applications.

•  The Ultimate Solution for Drilling Tube Sheets and Baffles 
•  CHAMGUN - for Deep Hole Drilling 
•  Specially tailored - drilling tools upon request 
•  Solid carbide drills 
•  DR Drill inserts, Soft cut 
•  Metal chamfering tools, Chamfering rings 
•  New modular chamfering drill holders 
•  SUMOCHAM - New Exchangeable Head Drills



 is an extension of the  family, with milling cutters that can be used for very steep helical interpolations for penetration into deep cavities. 
, the tangential milling system with LNKX butterfly-shaped inserts, features optimal chip control.
 inserts enable machining accurate 90° shoulders up to 14 mm in one pass. 
 is a new family of solid carbide rougher endmills, that has raised the standards for roughing applications. 
 is a multifunction system comprised of various shank options and 5 milling head types.
 is a new family of cutters that can carry either round inserts with a serrated cutting edge or regular round inserts. 
 is an advanced family of side plungers for deep cavity applications for dies and molds. 

•  End Mills 
•  Face Mills 
•  Extended flute milling cutters 
•  Ball nose End mill for profiling 
•  MILLTHREAD - Product Indentification 
•  MILLTHREAD - User Guide 
•  Plunger



The new MAXIN power chuck is designed for rough and finish milling applications where high torque transmission, maximum accuracy, compactness and easy operation are required. 

•  Tooling systems 
•  Modular boring systems 
•  Anti-vibration holders and adapters 
•  Balanceable collet chuck system 
•  Clamping system 
•  Quick change holder system 
•  Modular system 
•  Balancing adapters 
•  Short collet chuck ER32 
•  SHRINKIN - New ER-SRK Thermal Collet 
•  SHRINKIN - New Integral Toolholder 
•  SHRINKIN - Internal, thermal chucks with standard taper adaptation 
•  Thermal shrink system


The SUMO TEC grades feature a special post-coating treatment which provides substantially improved tool life and better reliability. The new process improves toughness and chipping resistance, reduces friction and built-up edge, thus increasing tool life. The golden-colored flank facilitates wear detection.



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