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Not all thread ring gages are created equal

A Thread ring GO gage checks the maximum minor diameter and the maximum pitch diameter size in a part, the NOGO checks for the part not to exceed the minimum pitch diameter size on a part. Basically there are three types of gages on the market: Solid Thread Rings, AGD Thread Rings and "Southern Style" Rings.

One of the premiere manufacturers of thread and ring gages is Glastonbury Southern Gage which was formed in 1995 when two of…


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To Vend or not to Vend in your Tool Crib

"Vending machines have been around in some capacity since the late 1900s; they’ve dispensed everything from post cards to holy water to live bait. The business model is a sound one. An owner can set up a machine in a high traffic area stocked with goods people are likely to need and then customers can simply serve themselves their desired merchandise, be that candy bars or live worms. What role then do vending machines play in an industrial setting? How and why can industrial vending…


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