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Test Results for the Iscar Medium Feed Mill

Are you cutting a Difficult to machine material such as Stellite? Have you tried the New Iscar Medium Feed Mill?

Our customer was running Stellite and had to remove .900 of material from 4 sides of his part, he was using a Kennametal 4” feed mill running at 60 rpm at 1” inch per minute at .100 depth of cut, they had to index the insert 1 time to make it thru the cut on each…


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Haas Factory Outlet DEMO DAYS

Come Visit Us at the HAAS FACTORY OUTLET, demo days located at 549a Keystone Drive, Warrendale, Pa. on October 2nd.

There will be machine tools running high end tooling demonstrating the capability of the machines.

We will be there showing such product lines as ISCAR Metals, OSG Tap & Die, AIS (vending solutions) INSIZE precision measuring and much more….

Make sure you stop and visit us on October 2ND....see you there!

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We are a distributor for SCHAEFFER'S SPECIALIZED LUBRICANTS, so I decided to use their oil in my Diesel truck to check mileage & performance. The best I had got on this truck in the past (going thru Ohio) has been 21.2 mpg, well I was going north west Pa thru the hills and got 23.0 MPG! So I will be using there product in all my personal and work vehicles. you can check…


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Add Coolant........

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Here we go, D&L has now started a "rewards" program called "TOOLPERKS". Right now we are going to run a monthly promotion where you can choose a custom tee shirt from our merchandising page (more designs in process).

Take advantage of these special prices, and treat yourself to the tee shirt of your choice!

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Getting Micro Tuff with Miniature carbide drilling

"The pursuit of productivity when applying microdrills (tools less than 0.125" diameter) may be as much creative as it is scientific. The characteristics of the drill itself, machining parameters, hole depth, setup integrity and workpiece composition play delicately intertwined roles.

As a drill gets longer, relative to its diameter, its tendency to bend…


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OSG establishes a new "A Team" for Aerospace & Defense Machining

In the spring of last year OSG Tap & Die officially established a new division dedicated to aerospace industry manufacturing as part of an initiative that started many years ago. They nicknamed the new division "the A Team" By having a dedicated group just for aerospace machining issues it…


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The New One-Lok Single Station CNC Vise

The new One-Lok CNC Vise is an evolution in workholding. The design of every other vise on the market today is based on 1950s knee mill technology, but, as every machinist knows, CNC milling is a completely different work environment.

The One-Lok was created from the ground up by Chick for use in CNC milling. Its unique design makes it possible to capture dramatic improvements in speed, precision, and versatility.  The following highlights some of the key differences between knee mill…


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Some considerations when Drilling Cast Iron

As you already know, Cast Iron comes in a wide variety of types with an equally wide range of tensile strengths. Some of the common types are white cast, gray cast, malleable cast, and ductile or nodular cast. These materials also have a wide range of tensile strengths often ranging from 20Ksi to 60Ksi. Therefore, drill selection is important to maximize performance and…


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Steep Tapers & Fast Tapers: AT3 and What It Means

As the CNC manufacturing industry continues to grow we're meeting more and more new people coming into our industry.  Although many experienced machinists have lots of knowledge, we're finding that the new people are asking questions about some things that may be common knowledge to the old hands. One of the questions relates to "Why the heck is the cone on the toolholder the angle that it is?" We're here to help answer that....

By now, many have undoubtedly heard that most steep…


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Not all thread ring gages are created equal

A Thread ring GO gage checks the maximum minor diameter and the maximum pitch diameter size in a part, the NOGO checks for the part not to exceed the minimum pitch diameter size on a part. Basically there are three types of gages on the market: Solid Thread Rings, AGD Thread Rings and "Southern Style" Rings.

One of the premiere manufacturers of thread and ring gages is Glastonbury Southern Gage which was formed in 1995 when two of…


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To Vend or not to Vend in your Tool Crib

"Vending machines have been around in some capacity since the late 1900s; they’ve dispensed everything from post cards to holy water to live bait. The business model is a sound one. An owner can set up a machine in a high traffic area stocked with goods people are likely to need and then customers can simply serve themselves their desired merchandise, be that candy bars or live worms. What role then do vending machines play in an industrial setting? How and why can industrial vending…


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Right Angle heads for CNC Routers

We've found that may of our customers are expanding their machine shop capability to include CNC routers for cutting plastics for both signmaking, woodworking and aerospace work.  The folks at TechniksUSA make some rather specialized tooling just for those applications.  One of their new products that they've just introduced is an adjustable right angle head

Smart Line Vario…


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Thread Milling Basics: Understanding Helical Interpolation in a CNC Mill

Thread Milling is a method for producing a thread by a milling operation.

The most common way to produce a thread is still by tapping and turning but today we see more and more milling and this is because CNC milling machines with three simultaneous axes are very popular. These can now be found in every small workshop.

To perform a Thread Milling operation, a…


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