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Mixing your CNC Cleaners & Coolants

Mixing Cleaners

Most maintenance cleaners and water soluble coolants mix with water without much fuss. There are some that don’t mix well, like straight solvents or emulsions, but most do.

One of the most important rules of cleaner & coolant mixing is to always add the cleaner/coolant concentrate to water, not the

other way…


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Waste Minimization for Maintenance Cleaners

Waste Not!

The best way to keep waste problems down is to not make as much waste in the first place. Here are two good ways to keep waste water down to a minimum:

  1. Use high-quality cleaning products that last longer. By using floor cleaner chemicals that wash twice as much floor area before running out of cleaning power, you…

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A step-by-step guide to Cleaning Metalcutting Machinery

If you want to clean out a machine tool sump so you can recharge with fresh metalworking fluid, then this blog is  for you.

It would be really easy to clean out machine sumps – except for all those parts that are so hard to reach. You can’t use heat, you can’t use really aggressive chemicals, and you can’t scrub parts you can’t…


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What's so HOT about a Parlec Tool Presetter? Finite Element Analysis

You’re using too much tool for the job if you use your expensive machining center for presetting tools.

The financial argument for using Parlec presetters is compelling. They work quickly to produce tool measurements that are exceptionally accurate and consistent. In fact, they can make those measurements better than your expensive machining center…


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Iscar's Multi-Master: Interchangeable heads for versatile CNC Milling & Slotting

MULTI-MASTER is a family of tools with shanks and unique interchangeable heads for a variety of milling applications including ball nose, straight shoulder and slitting and slotting applications. Indexing is fast and convenient due to the threaded connection.…


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Selecting the right Data Flute carbide end mill for your material

Data Flute’s heritage stretches back to its humble beginnings as a specialty grinding and re-sharpening house. Over the years it has advanced into a premiere manufacturer of performance and application-specific, solid carbide round tools. Throughout their history and growth, they haven't never strayed from, or lost sight of their primary mission: to provide the finest quality performance and application specific end mills in the…


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Multi-Lok Vises for multiple part fixuturing on your Horizontal CNC

If you’re running a pallet workholding system or doing Just-In-Time manufacturing on a horizontal machining center, Chick’s Multi-Lok tombstone style vise workholding system is worth a look.

Each side of the solid, unibody column can be set up with dual-station machinable jaws, single station machinable jaws, or a machinable faceplate. All jaws incorporate Chick’s QwikChange interface for fast changeovers and die cut round and diamond pins for relocating precision. These are key…


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Iscar Cut-Off adapts to Manchester Blocks!

Iscar makes Blocks and DO-GRIP Adapters to make enable your Lathes to use Modern Cut-off technology!

ISCAR has developed replacement blocks and DO-GRIP adapters for "Modern Machine Tool Company" cut-off machines equipped with Manchester tools. An ISCAR adapter can be mounted on the Manchester block as well.

You already know that ISCAR…


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Back to the Basics:Thread Diameters

Here's a great white paper from our friends at Gagemaker called "Back to the Basics:Thread Diameters"

We often get questions about the differences between all the various diameters of threads, so here's a quick overview of some of the more common terms:…


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Thread Measurement: Metrology Cheat Sheet

Metrology & Threads

The most important factors when threaded parts must meet engineering specifications, are accuracy and consistency. I realize that many of you are already familiar with threads and thread measurement but thought it might be helpful to get some quick reference diagrams and a few definitions here on our blog. It's a quick cheat sheet.



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Mahr Federal Winter 2012 Promotion

Just a quick note if we haven't talked to you about it yet or in case you forgot.

Mahr Federal has a special promotion going on until March 31 on a number of specially priced items

  • MarCal Waterproof Calipers for $149
  • MarCal Digital Calipers for $190
  • MicroMar Digital Micrometers for $275
  • MarTest indicators for $149
  • Maxum…

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The DynaPen accepts multiple accessories for engraving, precision removal & deburring

The DynaPen is a lightweight pneumatic tool that operates at 14,000 strokes per minute. Featuring an easy one-touch on/off button and 6 foot air line, the tool is available with either a 1/8" or 3 mm collet insert. The air line swivels 360° for greater maneuverability, especially on contoured parts. An in-line filter prevents debris from entering the tool from the air line, ensuring longer tool life.…


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The BIG BUCK contest rules

Machine Shops in Pennsylvania are a little bit different than shops in other areas of the country.  We know that the first day of Buck Season is practically a legal holiday.  Every year we get to see pictures of who bagged what but haven't been able to share those pictures with other hunters. So for this year, we decided that the best way to share your hunting pics is have a contest!…


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Coolant friendly hydraulic and way oil

WayPure and HydraPure are coolant and environmentally friendly hydraulic and way oils from Condat Corporation
Hydraulic and way oils are the primary contaminant in circulating, water extended metalworking fluid systems.  Traditionally zinc and phosphorous are used to enhance the performance characteristics of these fluids.  When leakage occurs, the zinc and phosphorous  interferes with the performance of the metalworking fluid, eventually causing degradation of the…

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Iscar's FALL 2011 Sumocham promotion for CNC Drilling & Holemaking

ISCAR has introduced the SUMOCHAM drill family, the next evolution of the very successful CHAMDRILL family. The SUMOCHAM drills have features similar to the CHAMDRILL and CHAMDRILLJET, with improved head and pocket design, together with no setup time, fast metal removal and economy indexing.

The SUMOCHAM comprises a revolutionary clamping that enables improved…


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RoscamatUSA Drill TAP

The Drill Tap machine is a new design for a drilling/threading machine with movable arms moved manually in order to position the work tool without handling the part being worked on. Purchasing a Drill Tap machine is an excellent…


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ISCAR Tangential Tools Dramatically Improve Railroad Wheel Re-Turning

A new family of innovative turning tools from ISCAR raises the threshold for process security in difficult railroad-wheel reconditioning work. Customers report reliably longer tool life by 66 to 250% when re-turning hardened alloy steel railroad wheels, even on cracked rim areas that can wreck ordinary tools. They also report uniformly smaller, more manageable chips. …


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Welcome Diane Steinmetz to EuroLink!

We would like to welcome Diane Steinmetz to EuroLink. Diane graduated from Central Ohio Technical College with an Associate’s  degree in Accounting Technology. She worked at Kenyon College for six  years in their Accounting & Safety offices.

Diane enjoys gardening and baking. She resides in Mount Vernon, Ohio … Continue

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Mazak Certifies Parlec for VIP Technology Partnership Program

Mazak has announced that Parlec, a leading provider of advanced engineering solutions for precision manufacturing, has been named the newest member of Mazak’s Value Inspired Partners (VIP) program. Created from a desire to provide manufacturers with total solutions, the VIP program promotes higher levels of cooperation… Continue

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Parlec Introduces New Small Diameter Boring System

Parlec, Inc. has announced the official launch of its new small diameter boring system. The enhanced tooling package, which is replacing Parlec’s original small diameter boring system, offers users increased accuracy and efficiency. The product is also being offered in both inch and metric graduations.

“Our new high-precision, small diameter system is competitive with…


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