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Machine Tool Genome Project

A peek into the future of selecting speeds and feeds for high performance milling is what we are calling the Machine Tool Genome Project. Here is a preview that recently appeared in Modern Machine Shop magazine:


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NEW! Mahr Federal Introduces Enhanced MarCal Digital Caliper Line

See the Mahr Federal Spring Promotion Flyer featuring the MarCal calipers a the bottom of the page!

A New generation of waterproof calipers includes Reference System for zero position

  • Ergonomic design includes thumb support, large display, data output function, longer battery life
  • Design wins award for excellence in innovation and quality…


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Getting your ToolRoom & ToolCrib organized

Did you know that D&L Industrial will survey your present storage systems, listen to your requirements for future growth and expansion and provide layouts of suggested solutions -- all at NO cost or obligation to you?

Here's how we usually begin the process:


Establishing a System

First we must establish a method of organization.

There are three…


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Stor-Loc® announces its new Standard Wide Plus (SW+) line of cabinets.

The Stor-Loc SW+cabinet provides 700 square inches of storage space per drawer.  Compared to the existing 625 square inches drawers available on the market today, the SW+®provides at least 12% (and up to 22%) more storage per drawer than any other comparable cabinet in the industry.…


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Standard Dual Grooving Tools De-bottleneck Tube Sheet Production

The first dual grooving mills ever available as standard can help tube and sheet heat exchanger manufacturers catch up with growing global demand for more energy efficient cooling systems. ISCAR standard MULTI- MASTER double-groove mills simultaneously complete standardized grooves in tube sheets at about four times faster than their nearest competitor, last 66% longer and eliminate all deburring.…


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Using Thread inserts in Plastics

Molded holes are preferable to drilled holes because of the strong, denser surface of the molded hole. For straight holes, the taper should not exceed a 1° included angle, and tapered holes should have an 8° included angle.

The weakest sections of many plastic part designs are the joints and assembly points. During screw assembly of mating components, the screw must be tightened with sufficient torque to produce the recommended axial tension load between the host component and the…


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7 things you want to know about Water Soluble coolants in #CNC machines

At D&L Industrial we often get asked about Water Soluble coolants and proper usage of them.  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions


1) At which concentration should I be running?

Master Chemical products are specifically designed to be used at a number of different concentrations. Each product and application will have an ideal concentration ratio for the metalworking fluid. The concentration will affect sump life, tool life, and…


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How Often Do I Need To Rebuild My Driven Tools?

How Often Do I Need To Rebuild My Driven Tools?

The life cycle of a driven tool is dependent on the application and use of a specific tool. In addition to this, the design of a tool plays an important role in a tool’s life.

Tools that are cutting exotic metals or working in environments with small chip particles with longer cycle times will need to…


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New Work Stop - Check It Out!

The only adjustable front collet/chuck stop in the World!

Save A Fortune…


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Iscar SOLIDMILL Promo ends September 30. Don't miss it!

Don't miss your last chance to take advantage of Iscar's SOLIDMILL promotion on solid carbide end mills ending this month! This is the last day so hurry! Click the image below to view the promotion and call

our inside sales team right away.…


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Iscar sumocham drilling Promo


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Iscar multimaster Promo

MM PROMO-USA 2010 MM.pdf

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The NEW HeliTurn for Rough Turn

ISCAR’s HELITURN system features a unique, double-sided insert with 4 cutting edges for Fast Metal Removal (FMR) turning. The new HELITURN is a tangentially clamped insert with a unique helical shaped cutting edge, useful for large depths of cut and higher than normal feed…

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Iscar Tool Advisor App for iPhone!

Get Iscar's best cutting tool recommendations and ‏cutting data anywhere and anytime on your IPhone or ‏IPod Touch.‏ You can download it for free on iTunes at this LINK If you don't have an iPhone you can still go online and… Continue

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ISCAR Adjustable Milling Cutters for Aluminum

A new family of High Speed Milling (HSM) adjustable endmills and facemills from ISCAR improve milling of aluminum, non-metallics,

cast iron and hardened steel, especially in automotive and

aerospace applications.…

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