WayPure and HydraPure are coolant and environmentally friendly hydraulic and way oils from Condat Corporation
Hydraulic and way oils are the primary contaminant in circulating, water extended metalworking fluid systems.  Traditionally zinc and phosphorous are used to enhance the performance characteristics of these fluids.  When leakage occurs, the zinc and phosphorous  interferes with the performance of the metalworking fluid, eventually causing degradation of the circulating system.
The zinc and phosphates begin to pull primary and secondary emulsifiers from the metalworking fluid. The zinc, phosphate and emulsifiers creates a gum like mass that adheres to machines, tools and can blind off filters.  The degraded emulsifiers compromises the integrity of the coolant, the fluid begins to split, the pH begins to drop and the fluid is more prone to biological attacks. 
WayPure does not contain zinc, phosphorus or sulfur. The strong sulfur smell often associated with way oils is eliminated with the WayPure products when it is replaced with our proprietary lubricant package.  WayPure extends the coolant sump life by eliminating the traditional additives that promote bacteria growth.  The clean running Waypure also reduces or eliminates the clogging of the metering valves delivering the way oil to the machine tool lubrication points.  This increases the life of machine tool wear items and helps eliminate stick slip issues associated with repeatability problems. 
WayPure is available in ISO viscosity grade 32; 68; 220
HydraPure is available in ISO viscosity grade 32; 46; 68; 100 


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