ISCAR Adjustable Milling Cutters for Aluminum

A new family of High Speed Milling (HSM) adjustable endmills and facemills from ISCAR improve milling of aluminum, non-metallics,
cast iron and hardened steel, especially in automotive and
aerospace applications.

The dynamically balanced cutters are specifically designed to work with polycrystalline diamond (PCD) or cubic boron nitride (CBN) inserts, protecting their edges and delivering outstanding surface finish. They also accommodate standard HSM-rated HELIMILL carbide inserts.

In both the endmills and facemills, internal coolant holes ensure a cooler cutting face while improving chip evacuation and resistance to built-up edge.

Insert pockets in the cutters feature a flexible rear stopper, which can be adjusted by a slanted screw, enabling axial positioning of the cutting edge within 0.002 mm.

Endmills, designated E90AD, are available with HSK A63 shanks in four diameters from 25 to 50 mm. Facemills, designated F90AD,
cover the 50 to 80 mm diameter range, also in four sizes.

When used with HELIMILL carbide inserts, the adjustable HSM cutters deliver extremely smooth cutting action with low cutting forces. HELIMILL inserts’ helical cutting edges gently enter the work a little bit at a time, like scissors slicing into paper, to reduce impact loads at the cutting face.

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