OSG establishes a new "A Team" for Aerospace & Defense Machining

In the spring of last year OSG Tap & Die officially established a new division dedicated to aerospace industry manufacturing as part of an initiative that started many years ago. They nicknamed the new division "the A Team" By having a dedicated group just for aerospace machining issues it enables them to communicate seamlessly across research & development and manufacturing to provide specific engineered solutions for difficult aero-def challenges. A BIG part of this new division is getting field feedback from customers so at D&L Industrial. We've been working closely with them and have been getting some excellent results. Here's a run down of some of the new tooling we've been testing with success. Let us know if you've got some applications for us to work on...

As the folks at OSG have told us "...all of the new aerospace tooling features metallurgy and cutting geometries designed to increase productivity, reliability and tool life while reducing CNC machining cycle time and scrap rates." They've also got a new patented ultra-fined diamond coating on many of the new products for composite machining.

As you know materials used in aerospace applications have been changing dramatically in recent years. Among composite materials, CFRP is becoming especially important. Machining CFRP has its own difficulties including rapid tool wear and delamination. As for metal aerospace components, as the amount of titanium used has increased, and migrated from 6-4Ti to β-Ti. This has made machining become a bit more difficult.

For many years, OSG has been committed to producing cutting tools for aerospace, in Japan as well as in the USA, Canada, Brazil and Europe. They started engaging in newly developed materials such as CRFP and β-Ti in 1990 and now OSG offers numerous types and styles: PCD tools, electroplated tools, carbide tools with variety of coatings for titanium, DLC coated tools for aluminum alloys, and HSS special order tools. All tools are designed to meet the range of requirements and applications and tested to ensure their superior performance.

Diamond Coated Router

Designed primarily for trimming of CFRP, they offer a variety of router styles to accommodate our customers’ needs including a multi-flute type with nicks for high efficiency, Herringbone flute type for reducing cutting resistance, a surface finish-focused type, and more.

The Herringbone 2 flute compression router has a design mechanism that directs forces inward eliminates delamination on both top and bottom laminates. The addition of OSG's diamond coating and its ultra-fine grain structure further allows for sharper cutting edges, which prolong tool life while producing a superb surface finish.

Diamond Coated Carbide Drill

Two types of drills are available. One is a drill designed for eliminating delamination around the outlet of the hole and the other type is for eliminating delamination around both the inlet and outlet of the hole.

The Triple Angle D-STAD is a patented diamond coated drill specifically designed to eliminate fiber breakout and delamination issues on both entry and exit of drilled holes. The drill features patented triple angle geometry with their patented diamond coating.

  • Patented Triple Angle Geometry to Reduce Push-Out Exit Delamination
  • Straight-Fluted to Eliminate the Pull-Up Entrance Delamination
  • Excels in Carbon and Glass Composites and Honeycombs
  • For Non-Countersunk Holes
  • Excellent in CFRP & Al Stack Applications
  • Best in 2D-3D Depths

The Double Angle D-STAD is a diamond coated drill specifically designed to eliminate delamination on the exit side only. The drill features our double angle point geometry paired with their patented diamond coating.

On both types, the new flute form reduces and disperses cutting force and produces holes of exceptional quality.

  • Double Angle to Reduce Push- Out Exit Delamination
  • Double Margin for Increased Balance and Concentric Holes
  • High Helix for Ultra Sharp Cutting Edges
  • xcels in Carbon and Glass Composites and Honeycombs
  • For Countersunk Holes
  • Excellent in CFRP & Al Stack Applications
  • Best in 3D-5D Depths


Give us a call and let us know if you would like to test any of these new tools!

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