The Drill Tap machine is a new design for a drilling/threading machine with movable arms moved manually in order to position the work tool without handling the part being worked on. Purchasing a Drill Tap machine is an excellent investment.


It is essentially made up of a circular base, a vertical column, a "connection" support, a horizontal beam and a vertical motor head assembly. These elements are positioned as follows: the circular base is fixed on to the bench and supports the vertical column which turns concentrically with the base. This device has a pneumatic locking system. The connection is positioned vertically through the column and the beam, in turn, moves horizontally through the connection. The device has an oil/pneumatic locking system for drilling which can be released for threading tasks.


For different drilling and tapping operations there exists the modular system which consists of a series of quick-change gearbox planetary reducers easily to adapt to the motor and which provide different speed relationships and torques, depending on the diameter of the cutting tool to be used. There are two different models of the Drill Tap machine: STANDARD and WITH LEVER VIEWER controlled using a screen and easy controls.


For additional information, please contact the EuroLink/RoscamatUSA Customer Service Department at 740-392-1549 or fill out our easy contact form by clicking here


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