Standard Dual Grooving Tools De-bottleneck Tube Sheet Production

The first dual grooving mills ever available as standard can help tube and sheet heat exchanger manufacturers catch up with growing global demand for more energy efficient cooling systems. ISCAR standard MULTI- MASTER double-groove mills simultaneously complete standardized grooves in tube sheets at about four times faster than their nearest competitor, last 66% longer and eliminate all deburring.

In a recent application on a 316L stainless steel tube sheet with 412 holes to accommodate ¾” tubes, the new tool finished the job in 35 minutes vs. 137 minutes previously. Edges lasted through 6 parts vs. 3.64 and tool change time dropped from five minutes to 30 seconds. No manual deburring was needed.

Designed to exactly meet all standards and cover all mainstream applications, the tools come in 15.5, 18.5 and 24.5 mm diameters (.610, .728 and .965”) – just the right size to accommodate standard 5/8, ¾ and 1” tubes. They cut standard 3 mm (1/8”) grooves up to 45 mm (0.018”) deep.

The cutter fits rigidly on a standard ISCAR MULTI- MASTER threaded tool shank and features CHATTERFREE vibration damping design. Design of the joint ensures repeatable accuracy when tips are changed. As standard, tools and shanks are available from stock for quick delivery and robust process backup. 

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