Test Results for the Iscar Medium Feed Mill

Are you cutting a Difficult to machine material such as Stellite? Have you tried the New Iscar Medium Feed Mill?

Our customer was running Stellite and had to remove .900 of material from 4 sides of his part, he was using a Kennametal 4” feed mill running at 60 rpm at 1” inch per minute at .100 depth of cut, they had to index the insert 1 time to make it thru the cut on each side.

We ran the ISCAR Medium Feed Mill at 60 rpm at 7” INCHES per Minute at .100 depth of cut, and was able to complete 2 sides before having to index the inserts!!!

This is 7 Times FASTER and 4 Time the TOOL LIFE over our competitor!!!

You can greatly increase your profitability by using the New Technology by Iscar Provided thru D&L Industrial Supply!

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