The New One-Lok Single Station CNC Vise

The new One-Lok CNC Vise is an evolution in workholding. The design of every other vise on the market today is based on 1950s knee mill technology, but, as every machinist knows, CNC milling is a completely different work environment.

The One-Lok was created from the ground up by Chick for use in CNC milling. Its unique design makes it possible to capture dramatic improvements in speed, precision, and versatility.  The following highlights some of the key differences between knee mill vises and the design of the One-Lok CNC Vise.

  1. New BoltFast Jaw System - No more knuckle scraping! With Chick’s BoltFast jaw system, soft and hard jaws can be changed with a single turn of the locking screw—while providing repeatability of better than 0.0008” (0.02mm).
  2. Fixed Jaw Deflection Virtually Eliminated - The CNC Vise is engineered to apply “squeeze clamping,” which allows up to 10,000 lbs. of holding force.
  3. Chip Traps In the Base -Unique in the industry, the One-Lok’s hardened, precision-ground, cast iron base is a solid working surface. No open ways means you’ll never have to fish out small workpieces or clean chip build-up from inside the CNC Vise.
  4. QwikSlide Moveable Jaw - The moveable jaw may be unlocked to slide forward or back for rapid set-up. No speed handles needed!

Using a One-Lok (instead of a knee mill vise) will save a typical job shop at least three hours per week. Based on a $60 hourly rate, each One-Lok in your shop will help you save $180 a week—which adds up to $9,360 a year. Give us a call so we can bring one into your shop and let you try it out.

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